An Albert Park fixture.
Good food. Good company.

Albert Park Deli has long been a fixture of Albert Park village, a locale with a great sense of community. The site housed a milk bar until 1974, when the Xynas family grew the humble milk bar into a comprehensive deli, with predominantly Greek offerings.

In July 2021, Albert Park Deli changed hands to begin its new era.

Kate Bennetto and her husband Damien started their family in Albert Park and the village is very special to them. They were thrilled when the opportunity arose to buy Albert Park Deli. While it has evolved to be more Italian cucina than Greek deli, it has maintained many of the staples beloved by the community.

With Kate and members of her family working at the Albert Park deli, we’re proudly continuing a tradition that started in 1974 … a family run business that provides a place to gather and enjoy good company and great food.